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Google Workspace: Renewal Payment Failures for Your Business Email

Renew Google Workspace, GSuite Business Email Account

What to do if your Google for Workspace GSuite Renewal payment get failed

Google Workspace: What to do if GSuite Renewal Payment Failed for Your Business Email

The major reason of payment failure for the Google for Workspace or your GSuite account would be mainly because the RBI changed the regulation for online payment authentication. Online automatic payments in India have been limited to ₹5,000. If renewal payment for your Google Workspace account get stuck or failed, that may hamper your Google Services operation.

Changes to automatic payments in India as per RBI regulations have been notified by Google.

Other Reasons why your Google Workspace business email may have failed due to one of the following reasons:

  • The payment has been declined by your credit card provider
  • The credit card provided has expired or has insufficient funds
  • The credit card number provided is invalid
  • The credit card provided has not been approved for recurring payments

Solution :
Please contact your bank or credit card company to check why the payment failed and update your payment details accordingly.

Contact Google Workspace Partner Shrishti Softech – on +91 92 123 78780 or mail  to get help if Google Workspace Business Email Subscription has been canceled.

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RBI stopped auto debit of credit cards

I just want to discuss about a recent change implemented by RBI stopping the auto debit of credit and debit cards and effects on Google services.

India is the safest country for online payments. RBI is keeping a vigil on all transactions and upgrading the systems regularly. As per the recent notification, auto debit of debit and credit cards will be stopped from 1st Oct 2021. This may result in hampering your online payments of Google for Workspace. Your Google for Workspace services may get dysfunctional because of non payment.

If you are stuck because of the change in regulation by RBI of not charging the credit card and email services are paralyzed, no worries.
Shrishti Softech is the authorized partner to Google. If you have any problem in paying for your services

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Why should I archive my E-mails

Archiving removes messages from your inbox, but keeps them in your account under the All mail label so that you can always find them later. Archiving is like moving messages into a filing cabinet for safe keeping, rather than putting them in the trash can.

Why archive?

  • Clean up your inbox by getting messages out of your way.
  • When you delete a message (instead of archiving), it will be automatically and permanently deleted after about 30 days.

How to Archive yours mails ?



Gmail for Business

Gmail  –  The most dynamic email platform to send and receive the business communication without any  delays and interruptions.

It is power packed with

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Google Apps for Work: A Business Automation solution to integrate all business communications with 100% uptime commitment.

The service comprises of 10 most essential business application needed to monitor the workforce, enhance the productivity and grow profits.

10 most desired business automation tools :

  • Gmail for business
  • Google Drive
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  • Google Sheet
  • Google Hangout
  • Google Slides
  • Google Agenda
  • Google Forms
  • Google Keep
  • Google+