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Google Drive Backup Tools and Techniques

What is Data Backup?

Data backup involves the storing of files from your pc in another location. during this means, if there’s ever any loss of knowledge on your primary machine, you continue to have your information in backup so as to revive those files. within the world of computers loss of knowledge is devastating, and whereas there area unit potentialities for recovery {of information of knowledge of information once a disaster it’s way easier to revive your files from backup than to try to search out your data on a crashed drive.

Why Back Up Google Drive?

“Wait, i assumed Google Drive was my backup?” because of the Google Drive desktop application, several GDrive users assume that they need all the data-backup they have, just by victimization Google Drive. the reality is that whereas Google Drive will defend the things on your desktop from threats to your desktop (well, apart from viruses like Cryptolocker), Google Drive itself is not unassailable to knowledge loss.

While your knowledge is doubtless safer in Google Drive than on any single portable computer, desktop, pill or smartphone, the belief that victimization Google Drive is that the same as having a full-featured backup could be a dangerous one.