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Migrate data between Google Apps accounts

If you have created a brand new Google Apps account for your organization’s email, calendars, documents, and sites, you’ll migrate your information from your previous account to your new one. additionally to Apps to Apps migrations, these directions are often used for Gmail to Apps migrations.

Here’s a listing of information transfer choices accessible for Google Apps:

Email: Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange may be a utility that migrates all of your mail, as well as labels and archived mail, to a different account. directions for mistreatment the utility to migrate email

Gmail accounts conjointly provide associate choice to transfer all mail to your pc via POP or IMAP access with an area desktop consumer, like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla spirit. Please note that these 2 strategies (POP and IMAP) transfer your mail in numerous ways in which. See obtaining started with IMAP for Gmail for details.
Please note each Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange and therefore the IMAP strategies expect that you just have removed folder size limits and disclosed all folders to IMAP. See IMAP and POP access for directions.
Contacts: every email account permits users to export the contacts list in an exceedingly CSV or vCard format.
Calendar: Google Calendar offers the power to transfer associate iCal file to your desktop (limited to calendars that ar publically shared), otherwise you will transfer all calendars in your ‘My Calendars’ list. you’ll conjointly prefer to share individual calendars with email addresses in your new account.
Drive: Google Drive allows you to manually transfer a file to your pc in varied formats. you’ll conjointly share individual documents with email addresses in your new account and so copy them. you’ll conjointly use the API to export/import documents programmatically.
Sites: you’ll share individual sites with associate email address on your new domain and so copy the location.
Additional Google applications: you’ll realize extra data regarding moving information from different Google applications within the Google Accounts facilitate Center.

Additionally, some advanced choices embody Google information Api’s for Calendar, Contacts, Drive, and Spreadsheets.