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RBI stopped auto debit of credit cards

I just want to discuss about a recent change implemented by RBI stopping the auto debit of credit and debit cards and effects on Google services.

India is the safest country for online payments. RBI is keeping a vigil on all transactions and upgrading the systems regularly. As per the recent notification, auto debit of debit and credit cards will be stopped from 1st Oct 2021. This may result in hampering your online payments of Google for Workspace. Your Google for Workspace services may get dysfunctional because of non payment.

If you are stuck because of the change in regulation by RBI of not charging the credit card and email services are paralyzed, no worries.
Shrishti Softech is the authorized partner to Google. If you have any problem in paying for your services

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Last week a newspaper published the news of a website hacked and someone writing Anti-National Content on the home page.  The case is being investigated by cyber crime cell. The outcome is yet to be disclosed but it seems to be a mischievous act or the act of    revenge. But, this instance has sent a serious warning to all web users / domain owners about keeping the information secure and regular updation of passwords.

– Make a list of all domains / hosting and other web IPR.
– Domain ownership rights must  be linked to the business owner’s email id.
– Keep the password safe and secure with reliable persons strictly.
– Always change the passwords / deactivate the email accounts of employees leaving the
organization immediately.
– Regularly update the user  / password information.
– Always change the password immediately after seeking support from us in case it was
needed to be shared.


IMPORTANT: Deprecation of web hosting in Drive

Google  recently announced that beginning Aug 31, 2015, we are deprecating web hosting in Google Drive for users and developers. Your customers can continue to host webpages in Drive for a year, but on Aug 31, 2016, we will discontinue serving content via id.

As an alternative to web hosting in Drive, we recommend Google Domains, which can refer a third party for website hosting, or Google Cloud Platform, which can serve non-user content to web and mobile applications.

Protect your Data with Google in the Cloud!


When you use Google’s Email Service for Businesses, you no longer have to worry about data security and data privacy. Your data is 100% secure all the time day or night because

Google’s services function in the cloud. What does that mean?

Google backs up your email data not in just one location but at several highly secure data locations worldwide called data centers. Google’s multiple backup and disaster recovery model means that you will never lose your email data, no questions asked!

The reason why you see the “s” in the http on the address bar as in htts:// is because Google is busy protecting your email data using 256 bit SSL encryption while you are busy making money! This level of encryption keeps your data safe from hackers and fishers.

Did you delete 1000 email messages by mistake? No issues. Just call us and we will take care of the rest.

Protect your data with Google Apps

Security First

Protect your Data with Google Apps

For most corporations, making an attempt to stay prior new security threats daily seems like interesting a few of sand. in spite of however onerous you tighten and squeeze, some still manages to slide through your fingers. IT departments usually face these challenges alone despite parallel responsibilities to support alternative core operational functions. As thousands of companies discover daily, corporations and organizations will depend upon the technical experience of Google to assist them higher manage their security desires once they check in for Google Apps.

Feeling snug storing knowledge within the cloud involves trusting a cloud services supplier and also the practices and policies they need in situ. In today’s ultra-connected, web-capable world, understanding however knowledge are protected is ultimately a lot of significant than knowing it’s physically situated in one knowledge center or another. we all know that our customers expect North American nation to be clear, and that we exerting to try and do simply that. for instance, earlier this year we tend to disclosed a cyber attack against Google and a minimum of twenty alternative massive firms from a range of industries.

As a next step toward multiplied transparency, nowadays we’re cathartic a brand new Google Apps security study to assist customers learn additional regarding the protection practices, policies, and technology that support Google Apps. we tend to area unit perpetually rising and evolving the protection of our systems, and that we work a day to assist shield against new threats.

Google Apps offers a robust and intensive security infrastructure to support these and alternative benefits:

• Our knowledge centers square measure protected by advanced physical security controls, and access to info is monitored at multiple levels.

• We store client knowledge in fragments across multiple servers and across multiple knowledge centers to each enhance responsibility and supply larger security than will be achieved by storing all knowledge on one server. once solely fragments square measure unbroken in anyone place, the possibility that a attainable physical or computer-based compromise might lead to the loss of meaning info is greatly reduced.

• We perform code mending quickly across identical server stacks to assist keep users updated with the newest patches. This considerably reduces the readying employment for IT directors.

• Administrators will set fine-grained access controls for documents, calendars, and alternative sorts of info unremarkably hold on within the cloud.

• Operations at immense scale will facilitate sight security threats across the online early and prepare acceptable defenses.

• System redundancy involves knowledge replication across disparate knowledge centers for handiness and disaster recovery.

• We have robust groups of security professionals dedicated to protective client knowledge